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Our Clip In Veneer Range

Best Clip In Veneers provide two veneer options. Both are equally of the highest quality and hand crafted by registered dental technicians in state of the art laboratories. If you want a celebrity smile we have the solution without the celebrity price tag

Our Premium Range

Our Platinum Range

We have two fantastic veneer products available for our customers. Both are truly fantastic teeth appliances and bring back a smile with confidence to faces. The main ethos behind BestClipOnVeneers.co.uk is to make people smile again, affordably! The main difference between our two products is the material used and what they’re made from. Our premium range is an amazing product that will have you selfie ready with no missing teeth and a whiter smile if you choose in as little as 14 days. The platinum veneers take a little bit more time from our lab technicians due to method in which they are made Both are made from dental certified material from GDC registered laboratory technicians and both produce celebrity smiles for a great price. Have a look at the comparison table below.

What ever veneers you choose always be photo ready. These are a fast affordable way to instantly improve your smile.



clip in veneers clip on veneers
Whiten Whiten
Straighten Straighten
Cover Missing Gaps Cover Missing Gaps
Cover Chipped Teeth Cover Chipped Teeth
Approximately 0.6mm Approximately 0.5mm
Cover Natural Teeth Cover Natural Teeth
Can fit over crowns/bridges Can fit over crowns/bridges
Available in Bleach, A1, A2, A3 Available in Bleach, A1, A2, A3, B1, B2
12 Month Warranty 12 Month Warranty
Made From Certified Dental Co-Polymer Made From Certified Flexi Dental Material
Can Eat & Drink Can Be Modified
Best For: Selfies, Nights out, Photos, Whitening, Moderate Use Can Hide Receding Gums
Attach by covering the Whole of the Tooth Can Eat & Drink
Ready in 14 Days Perfect For: Weddings, Eating & Drinking, Longer Wearing
Attach by being Designed to Grip the Upper buccal of the Tooth that creates suction with Salvia in the Mouth
Ready in 28 Days


Snap on Smiles are a great revolution enabling people to smile with confidence. You should be aware that they will feel thicker in your mouth, its natural that anything added to your mouth will feel larger as its not your natural teeth. This feeling will go once you're used to wearing them. Speech could also be affected slightly for a small period of time whilst you get used to your veneers. Eating and drinking in your veneers will decrease the life expectancy. We do our best to cover the teeth to the gingival margin but in some cases this may not be possible depending on impression quality and the natural arrangement of your current teeth. On cases with our Platinum veneers we sometimes add pink gum to the veneer if its required to hide your receding areas or in places where we are covering large areas of multiple missing teeth to increase strength of your unit. Depending on your smile line it is more then likely not to make any difference to your outcome and is necessary to give you that celebrity smile. All Platinum veneers are shown to the customer in a mock up stage before final production

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