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Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth are a real pain and can really impact the way your smile looks. They can also hurt the inside of your mouth. Chipped teeth can be caused from medical conditions such as anxiety. If you leave chipped teeth untreated over time your teeth can become more damaged.

Options For Chipped Teeth

Your dentist will only offer a select amount of options to deal with missing teeth. Most of them are pretty invasive and involve surgery.

Veneersveneers are quite invasive as the dentist will need to shave down your teeth in order to fix or bond the veneers to your teeth. Even if the dentists offers what they term non prep veneers, the trust is they still shave your tooth creating a permanent change to your tooth structure.

Composite Bonding This is a treatment where a material is used that is light cured and can be moulded and the tooth structure reshaped. The downside to this treatment is it can easily break and it will need to be redone., its really hard to get a colour match and the material costs more then gold.

Crowns crowns can be used if there is part of the tooth left. Basically if any of the tooth is still present and protruding out of the gum.

clip on veneer with staining

Affordable Option For Chipped Teeth.

With BCOV you can have clip in veneers for as little as £169.99 for a full set of lower or upper teeth. Making them a great alternative to more expensive and invasive solutions to chipped teeth.

The advantages of Clip On Veneers from BCOV are:

A Brand New Beautiful Smile in as little as 7 days

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